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Dear Madhu Madam,

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you have started your website. I have been learning cooking from you for over 2 years and I always thought how can I survive without your recipes. I am not exaggerating, I truly used to feel that. Also, when you used to be out of town, especially USA for 2-3 months trip, I used to miss your help and guidance.

Now not only you have your website, but also are writing blogs and reachable, I am so relieved. I appreciate you making a contributor of your blog and I can share my own recipes. I have realized that sharing and teaching others is the best way to learn. So, I am very excited to share my views and write my own recipes here. I would suggest that you make this more open have your other students (Gosh!! You must have over 1000 students in last 7-8 years) also share their recipes. It will be more fun to have interactive cooking recipe sessions.

Best of luck and looking forward to contributing to your blog and website.

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