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Those who know me, I love traveling. I have traveled all parts of the world. My son lives in San Francisco, California (USA). I was about to visit my nephew in Mumbai when my son called that I have your tickets booked for 28th July. I have traveled at short notices, but this was too short for too long a distance. I had to change the gears and get ready for the trip. This is my 3rd trip to USA and one of the most exciting one. My grand daughter has turned three and is anxiously waiting for her “daadi” to visit her and play with her. I plan to cook lot of dishes for her, especially the cakes. I am also looking for this trip to get my website completed. My son had promised me the website 6 months ago, but many of you would know that it’s been half baked for past several months. I’ll work with him and use this opportunity to get my website up and running. I am very eager to get it up as I can then be more closer to my students than ever. I also plan to use this trip to write few books. I had these ideas in my mind for so long and I’ll finally use the technology to write these ebooks.
My blog and my website will be the best way to reach me while I am in USA. I am very anxious to be in touch with you. I’ll also share my travel experiences and new recipes that I learn here.

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  1. Mona says:

    Hello Aunty,
    Your blog looks great!! I am excited to follow your tips. Lots of my friends were asking for your information and now I can just share your website.
    Let me know if I could be of any help.

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