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Hello Everyone,
Thanks to all my students who encouraged me to start a cooking website. Apart from website, I am starting this blog to share my experiences and learn from yours. I highly recommend my students to give their comments on the blogs and make it more interactive. I believe cooking is a life long learning experience. I still learn things every day from my students.
I would try to be as regular as possible on the blog and will try to share my tips on a daily basis. If anyone of you are interested in becoming author to share your experiences, I encourage you and would love to make you an author on the blog.

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One Response to “Welcome to Madhu Gupta’s Blog – Anything and everything you want to know and discuss about vegetarian cooking”

  1. Indu says:

    Hello Mam,
    I am glad you finally started your blog. I am really excited to read your blog and actively participate.

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