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There is no age for learning. I am visiting my son in California and my grand daughter is very excited and anxious to learn cooking. She is just 4 years. So if she can do it, anyone can…

My youngest student

My youngest student

My son attended TIECON2010 and there he was surprised to see David Scott present on viral marketing. My son has been great follower of him. My extraordinary success’s partial credit goes to David.

Mexican Gordita

I was humbled when I was approached by Grehshobha (India’s #1 women’s magazine with over 15Million copies distributed per month) to cover my recipes. Please check it out for yourself in Feb 2010 issue. Please check out some Indian style vegetarian mexican recipes!!

Vegetarian Mexican Recipes for Free

John Hopkins Students Group
I finally created a facebook account and even have created a group for the class alumni. Please join the group and see all the pictures of tasty stuff you learn and fun time you have.

Login and search for group “Madhu Gupta Cooking Classes!!

John Hopkins Law Students Cooking Classes

John Hopkins Students Cooking Classes

It was a unique experience to learn cooking with people from such diverse back grounds.  I had never thought that I would be taking class with students from Britain (UK), USA, Austria, Germany, Italy and France. Initially I was scared that how it would be, but it was lot of fun. I am looking forward for you to share the pictures and their experiences on the website.

cooking made easy

Ma’m I still remember how I used to run away from kitchen.But the scene entirely changed after my mom forced to learn cooking from you.You’ve simplified the most difficult of the recopies like Chinese,puddings Mughlai etc.It all seems so simple now. I feel more confident in the kitchen now. Also I love to try new recipes without any hesitation.All the credit goes to you.When my family appreciates my cooking ,I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Madhu Madam,

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you have started your website. I have been learning cooking from you for over 2 years and I always thought how can I survive without your recipes. I am not exaggerating, I truly used to feel that. Also, when you used to be out of town, especially USA for 2-3 months trip, I used to miss your help and guidance.

Now not only you have your website, but also are writing blogs and reachable, I am so relieved. I appreciate you making a contributor of your blog and I can share my own recipes. I have realized that sharing and teaching others is the best way to learn. So, I am very excited to share my views and write my own recipes here. I would suggest that you make this more open have your other students (Gosh!! You must have over 1000 students in last 7-8 years) also share their recipes. It will be more fun to have interactive cooking recipe sessions.

Best of luck and looking forward to contributing to your blog and website.

Baby Shower Cake

I just arrived and before my jet lag could get over, I found out that my daughter in law’s best friend’s baby shower was there on the weekend. She was very excited and running around during the preparation. I decided to cook cakes for the occasion. I was little nervous as I was cooking in USA after 3 years and the occasion was big; however with my daughter in law’s encouragement and help, I made the cake. It was a great success and lot of people asked for the recipes.

Stay tuned, I’ll share the recipe with you all shortly.

Those who know me, I love traveling. I have traveled all parts of the world. My son lives in San Francisco, California (USA). I was about to visit my nephew in Mumbai when my son called that I have your tickets booked for 28th July. I have traveled at short notices, but this was too short for too long a distance. I had to change the gears and get ready for the trip. This is my 3rd trip to USA and one of the most exciting one. My grand daughter has turned three and is anxiously waiting for her “daadi” to visit her and play with her. I plan to cook lot of dishes for her, especially the cakes. I am also looking for this trip to get my website completed. My son had promised me the website 6 months ago, but many of you would know that it’s been half baked for past several months. I’ll work with him and use this opportunity to get my website up and running. I am very eager to get it up as I can then be more closer to my students than ever. I also plan to use this trip to write few books. I had these ideas in my mind for so long and I’ll finally use the technology to write these ebooks.
My blog and my website will be the best way to reach me while I am in USA. I am very anxious to be in touch with you. I’ll also share my travel experiences and new recipes that I learn here.

Hello Everyone,
Thanks to all my students who encouraged me to start a cooking website. Apart from website, I am starting this blog to share my experiences and learn from yours. I highly recommend my students to give their comments on the blogs and make it more interactive. I believe cooking is a life long learning experience. I still learn things every day from my students.
I would try to be as regular as possible on the blog and will try to share my tips on a daily basis. If anyone of you are interested in becoming author to share your experiences, I encourage you and would love to make you an author on the blog.